Classroom Heartbeat Workshops

Classroom Heartbeat Workshops 2017/18

Setting aside some dedicated time to explore mindfulness in one’s own life, creates unexpected ripple effects in our work with children. Teachers, parents, childcare workers are welcome. No experience with Yoga is necessary.


“A teacher who explores his or her own contemplative mind is better able to help his or her students to do the same. The teacher-student dynamic is enhanced through this mutual exploration, and ultimately the teacher’s own growth transforms the entire space in which education happens.”

(Hart, 2004)

If you are a teacher or parent who has been wondering how to bring mindfulness and a sense of calm into your classroom or home, these seasonal workshops are designed especially for you!

Over the course of the 2017/18 school year, we will meet to explore practices, techniques and tools that I have found to be very effective in my over fifteen years of working with children.

Each workshop will include an embodied mindfulness experience to encourage the development (or maintenance) of your personal practice. This important component will always ground our work together because the impact of a teacher or parent who develops the capacity to live and work mindfully cannot be overemphasized. The Classroom Heartbeat workshops were born out of the passionate belief that a teacher or parent creates, consciously or unconsciously, the heartbeat of a classroom or home. Whether the heartbeat races and promotes anxiety, or beats steadily and promotes calm, can be connected back to the teacher’s ability to reflect, process, and ultimately operate from a clear mind and an expansive heart.

Each session will also address a particular topic that can profoundly shift the time you spend with children.

Topics include:

  • Gliding gracefully into a new school year
  • Using picture books to discover the magic of mindfulness
  • Exploring ideas around anxiety from Eastern and Western perspectives
  • Working with visualizations and guided meditations to awaken imagination and encourage relaxation

Workshop Schedule and Details…


A Graceful Glide into the School Year

In this workshop, I will share ideas to begin the new school year in a conscious, graceful way. If you typically find yourself clinging to the last days of summer, resigned to the fact that the peace you have discovered over the break will slip away when the busy-ness of Fall arrives, I invite you to join me. In this workshop I’ll ask you to entertain the possibility that you can hold onto a sense of calm even when things seem chaotic or uncertain around you. You will learn simple breathing, meditation, and yoga techniques for your own practice as well as child-friendly versions to share with your students from day one. You will also have some time to set personal and professional goals for the coming school year and to connect with like-minded colleagues.

Tuesday, August 29th

1:00-4:00 pm

Roots Yoga Studio: 1073 Yonge St.

$60 + HST

The Magic of Mindfulness through Picture Books

This workshop will take place in the magical space at The Yoga House. Hidden away in the east end of the city on the edge of a ravine, you will not only take home some new ideas for your classroom or home, you will also take away a sense of peace like you’ve been away on a mini-retreat as you experience this delightful space. In this workshop I will share practical ideas about how I’ve used picture books to bring to life the topic of mindfulness for elementary students.

Saturday, October 21st

1:00-4:00 pm

The Yoga House: 7 Copeland Avenue

$60 + HST

Perspectives on Anxiety

In this workshop I will share what I have come to believe are helpful and practical ways to think about, and work with, anxiety. We will explore both western and eastern models to bring new perspectives to this timely topic and to lay a case for the value of connection…both to ourselves and to our students. You will leave with simple tools to experiment with in your own practice and in your classroom.

Saturday, January 6th

1:00-4:00 pm

The Yoga House: 7 Copeland Avenue

$60 + HST

Visualizations to Cultivate Relaxation and Imagination

In my experience guided visualizations are one of the most popular mindfulness tools for the children I teach. Not only because they are inherently relaxing, but also because they inspire creativity and build the children’s ability to visualize and comprehend…skills that impact their academic life as well. In this workshop I will share different approaches to this technique, some favourite scripts, and a few special touches that create a sensory experience for students. This session will be experiential so you will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and inspired!

Saturday, April 21st

1:00-4:00 pm

The Yoga House: 7 Copeland Avenue

$60 + HST

Pre-registration is required:

Please send an email to to confirm there is space remaining in the workshop(s) you wish to register for. You will receive a response including instructions to complete registration.

Space is limited to 15 participants so please register early if you are interested.

For more information:

Contact me at  ~ 647.308.9123

Comments from past participants:

“The workshops provided me with the confidence and knowledge to infuse yoga and meditation into my Grade 4 classroom. Each time we met I received useful information that I could directly apply to my everyday routine… As a wonderful side effect to teaching calming techniques, myself, and my students, began to crave these moments of relaxation. Everyone became happier, more productive, and the sense of community was heightened.”

~Lynne  (TDSB elementary teacher)

“Classroom Heartbeat gave me a whole new perspective on teaching.  A veteran of 28 years, I wish I had taken this course when I first started out. I feel so much more compassion and patience for my “challenging” students. ALL my students LOVE and request the “heartbeat” exercises I integrate into our daily activities. No matter how tired I am, I would never miss any of Dana’s sessions. They have been the highlight of my year.  I have become a better person and teacher and feel energized all the time! Treat yourself to this amazing experience!”

~Roma (TDSB elementary teacher)

“Thank you for a wonderful year of mindfulness!  I have gained so many valuable tools to use in my classroom and the sessions helped to ground me and strengthen my own personal practice.  I appreciated that you showed us the practices first so that we would experience them ourselves and see what they can look like and then you shared the resources so that we could practice, modify, and incorporate them in our classes.  I found the personal focus the most challenging but meeting regularly with my group both held me accountable and inspired me to be consistent (as often as possible!).  Thank you again for your beautiful space and positive presence.  It has helped shape a wonderful first year of teaching for me!”

~Emily (TDSB secondary teacher)

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